Chapter Sisterhood

In this collegiate setting, each of our sisters face the responsibility of being a student, athlete, volunteer, member of other organizations, and more. Delta Delta Delta strives to create an environment that fosters love and unconditional support through our perpetual bond of friendship and through assisting each member in every possible way. Within the Beta Zeta Chapter, our sisterhood is something that is highly cherished among each member. While we spend endless amounts of time with each other doing everyday activities such as homework, and binge watching Netflix shows, some extra undivided time is welcomed to bring us all together and remind us of the shared bond this sorority provides us with.

Every month, through an organized event, all members come together to enjoy each other’s company while partaking in various sorts of activities. The goal of each sisterhood event is to promote chapter and individual growth while providing meaningful and relevant opportunities that strengthen sisterhood among our membership. Not to mention fun and creative ways to get together outside of the classroom and weekly meeting! From writing Valentine’s to local elementary school students, to enjoying the beauty of Kentucky with a hike through Red River Gorge, we are always looking for new ways to expand on our purpose and values as Tri Deltas.

If you would like to plan a sisterhood event with the Beta Zeta Chapter of Tri Delta, please feel free to contact Meredith Campbell, the Member Development Chairman at