Information for Parents

For more than 100 years, Tri Delta has been providing a home away from home for our members, and a place for them to live, learn and lead – with Purpose – for a lifetime. 

We welcome parents and family, of both our newest Tri Deltas and interested collegiate women, to get a glimpse into membership in Tri Delta. The publication below lets you follow along and see “what to expect” from the Tri Delta sorority experience today and beyond. You will learn about our transformational collegiate chapter programming, leadership opportunities, our passion for serving others through philanthropy and ways you can connect and engage with your Tri Delta during their membership. Read more here

Tri Psi Mothers’ Sorority 

For 105 years, Tri Delta has been the only sorority to have a Greek letter sorority for their mothers. Our mothers’ organization, Tri Psi, consists of dedicated mothers that come together each year to support their Tri Deltas and assist our members in every possible way. Tri Psi awards $5,000 low-interest rate loans to Tri Delta members receiving or pursuing graduate degrees, and $1,000 undergraduate scholarships to selected members entering their junior year. To learn more about Tri Psi, visit


Dear Pansies and Parents,

As every Tri-Delta knows, “The purpose of Delta Delta Delta shall be to establish a perpetual bond of friendship among its members, to develop a stronger and more womanly character, to broaden the moral and intellectual life, and to assist its members in every possible way.” There are many amazing things about being a member of Delta Delta Delta, but it is Delta’s promise to establish lifelong friendships between sisters that truly make it special. Whether an active member of Beta Zeta, or an alumna, the bonds we develop in Tri-Delta stay strong for the rest of our days.

As a current collegiate member of Tri-Delta, I can not emphasize enough how much we truly admire our alumnae. All of us have so much to learn from all of you, and you all serve as incredible role models. While I have not met every one of you, and every one of you has not met every one of us, it is a truly incredible thing to be able to call each other sisters!

Currently, Beta Zeta has 73 collegiate members. Each member has unique talents, and it is the combined talents of our sisters that truly make Beta Zeta so extraordinary! Here’s a chapter update:

This year the Beta Zeta Chapter won an award for having the most service hours!

Please never hesitate to reach out to me via email at, on the or via the Transy Pansy Facebook! Thank you for all your continued support! Beta Zeta would not be what it is today if it wasn’t for all of you lovely ladies!


Delta Love,

Alumnae Relations Chair